Let us introduce you to Toolmicro, a product of Doelectric a company specialized in the design and execution of smart buildings and facilities, Scada software development and industrial electronics.


Our projects are aimed at buildings, singular installations, and machines where full integration of all installed systems is desired. Achieving maximum use of all resources.


At Doelectric we focus on imaginative research as a source of original and innovative solutions that are reflected in the projects we carry out.


This way of acting, together with the constant application of the latest existing technologies, allows us to maintain the privileged place that we believe we have achieved.


The old "data acquisition" is now IOT, We are specialists in control systems for any type of building and installation as well as in integration for 4.0 industries. IIOT.


At the end of 2018 we will offer an IOT server.


Designed entirely by our company. Designed to provide a global service with more competitive prices and services than what currently exists.


We also develop solutions based on industrial electronics. Innovating and covering needs for sectors that do not have specific equipment, both software and hardware. We also redesigned concepts and systems to lower costs, adjusting them to the needs of the final customer.


In our products, R & D is our own and manufacturing is carried out in our country.


More than 20 years of experience in Home Automation, Industrial Control and Industrial Electronics.